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Victoria Ng (Subang Jaya, Group 1/2017) developed an interest in nursing through her involvement in her secondary school’s Community Club. Being a leader of the club, she often felt blessed when she was able to help someone in her community. She decided to follow the footsteps of one of her seniors and joined IMC for nursing.

Victoria remembers fondly the ice-breaking activity that brought her classmates closer to each other. Her seniors had organised some activities to instill a welcoming and warm feeling for new students to learn about each other. She also looks back happily on a Sports Day held that involved lecturers’ participation and excitement from college staff.

Victoria is proud to have chosen IMC for her studies as the college provided her clinical exposures at private and government hospitals. This allowed her to learn and gain more knowledge towards becoming a competent and confident Registered Nurse. She is also grateful of the upgrades and improvements the college had made during her studies to improve on her learning environment. Since e-learning had been adopted recently, Victoria is in full support of the platform as it helps to lessen students’ expenses on study notes printing. It also allows her to access online notes whenever she needs to and be in touch with her classmates in the chat forum.

During her final semester, Victoria learned to prepare her resume and gained some interview skills with the assistance from the Student Services Department. Even though she was a self-paying (non-sponsored) student, she didn’t worry about getting a job as she believes IMC prepared her well to join the workforce. It is important to do research and one needs to be passionate and confident serving as a Registered Nurse.

While the world was battling with the start of Covid-19 pandemic, Victoria continued to actively search for a job and finally got accepted into Sunway Medical Centre. She was hired as a Community Health Staff, providing home visits to patients requiring them. At first, her parents were worried as Victoria will be working as a frontliner, however, she assured them that hospitals enforce strict SOPs to wear full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) during home visits. She took the time during CMCO to do self-study to ensure she was prepared on the medical terms and workflows of her work environment.

The journey from a student nurse to a registered staff nurse naturally comes with some amount of stress. While studying, a student nurse will still have guidance from lecturers or clinical instructors. While working as a registered staff nurse, the responsibility is fully on the nurse, and patients expect nurses to be professional and skillful with their tasks. A nurse needs to continually remind themselves to stay strong mentally and emotionally for their patients.

“All the best to students taking their LJM exams. Don’t let a bad situation bring your down. It is just a part of your life, not your life. Always be careful and never assume something you don’t know” – Victoria Ng

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