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This programme prepares the Patient Care Assistants (PCA) / Health Care Assistants (HCA) personnel to work in both residential, community and hospital settings to assist in meeting the basic healthcare needs of the clients including caring for them. The acquired skill sets will also help to improve their employability within the healthcare facilities.

PCAs work under the supervision of trained nurses and may be responsible in providing about 80% – 90% of personalised care required by the patient or resident.

•   Providing basic care to patients in hospitals or other healthcare and community facilities.
•   Helping to feed, bathe and dress the patients under their care.
•   Assisting with moving and transporting patients.
•   Answering patients’ calls for assistance.
•   Helping to clean a patient’s room and making the patient comfortable.
•   Monitoring and tracking the nutritional intake and output of a patient.
•   Recognizing changes in patient’s general condition.
•   Reporting promptly any changes in patient’s general condition to their supervisors.
•   Assisting the trained nurses in simple unsterile procedures.
•   Performing basic first aid, if needed.
•   Alerting the trained nurses in emergencies.
•   Organise programmes for social interactions.

Upon completion of the course, students will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance in Patient Care Assistant.

Employment Opportunities
•   Daycare centers
•   Long term residential or nursing homes
•   Retirement villages
•   Private homes

·  Pass in PMR with minimum 2 years working experience
·  Pass in SPM / SPMV with a pass in English
·  Males and Females aged between 18 –35
·  Medically fit

Course FeeRM4,500 (includes Registration, Administrative and Programme fees)
AccommodationRM300 per month (optional)
TransportationRM100 per month (optional)

Financial Aid:
·  Sponsorship by Employer
·  Self-Pay (installment scheme can be arranged)


Patient Care / Health Care Assistants

Total Duration
3 Months (1 month Theory, 2 months Hands-on Training)

(March, July, September)


Some of the subjects and areas that will be included in the course are:


  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Communication for Healthcare Workers
  • Basic First Aid and Basic Life Support
  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
  • Infection Control


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