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IMU and IMC students promote Adolescent Health in Kuala Pilah

10 April 2014 – An IMU Cares Project “Promoting Adolescent Health” involving IMU and IMC students was held at SMK Dato Abdul Samad in Kuala Pilah. This project was focused on increasing awareness on reproductive and mental health issues among secondary school children.

The main event was an inter-school quiz competition amongst secondary schools in the district of Kuala Pilah. The event involved the participation of Form 3 students from the schools within the Kuala Pilah district (14 schools), school counsellors from the Kuala Pilah education district, medical Students from Clinical School Seremban and International Medical College (IMC) nursing students from Subang Jaya and Melaka campus, faculty members and the corporate staff.



The day started off with a written quiz in the form of multiple choice questions given to all the participants. Following the quiz, all the participants were divided into 4 groups – 3 groups of girls and 1 group of boys. The groups of participants were required to run through one reproductive health station and one mental health station.

There were 4 stations prepared and run by students from IMU who volunteered for this project. They were closely observed and assisted by the lecturers from IMU. The stations were run parallel to each other.

During each station, the volunteers made effort to make it as interactive and informative as well. The reproductive health stations dealt with changes teenagers go through during adolescence while mental health stations dealt with topics such as substance abuse, depression and anxiety.
Simultaneously, a forum on Adolescent Health Issues conducted by the faculty from Clinical School Seremban was carried out for the school counsellors from the Kuala Pilah district.



In the afternoon, the four school finalists were announced followed by the live quiz competition. In total, there were two rounds of questions. The students were very enthusiastic and actively participated in the quiz. The quiz was won by SMK Sains Tuanku Jaafar while SMK Tuanku Muhammad was runners-up.

The closing ceremony was held after the conclusion of the inter-school quiz. It was attended by the Director of External Affairs of IMU, Prof Ong Kok Hai, Kuala Pilah District Education Officer, Tuan Haji Mat Rohani Kamar and the Headmistress of SMK Dato Abdul Samad, Pn Normala.

Throughout the whole day, there was also a career guidance booth which provided the students with information about the courses in IMU and also gave them an idea on the profession they expressed an interest in.

The overall feedback from the participants was good. Most felt the workshop is informative and should be conducted on regular basis as it has helped them to understand about their own physical, mental and psychological development.



The teachers (school counselors) found the forum useful but the time allocated was too brief. Many requested for a longer session where there can be more discussion on issues presented.

The IMU students displayed great enthusiasm, organisational and leadership skills during the event. Their performances at the educational stations were brilliant. The students were also happy that their hard work and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by the schools.

17 July 2018

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