CVSKL dan IMC Tandatangani MoU untuk Latihan Kejururawatan

The International Medical College (IMC), a private college with a long standing reputation in providing nursing education signed a Memorandum of Understanding…Read More

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ACG and IMC sign MoU for training of caregivers

5 May, 2015 – IMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) MoU with Aged Care Group (ACG) at its campus in Subang Jaya.…Read More

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Will There be a Shortage of Nurses in Malaysia by 2020?

KUALA LUMPUR: IN 2005 to 2010, with the mushrooming of nursing schools in the country, concern was expressed over a…Read More

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IMC Organised IV Cannulation Workshop for Registered Nurses

19 January 2017 – In line with the college’s vision to be a centre of academic excellence, IMC Education Sdn…Read More

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IMU Alumnus is Endocrinologist and Metabolism Specialist in Iowa, USA

7 March 2018 – An IMU Alumnus, Dr Khoo Teck Kim is currently an Endocrinologist and Metabolism Specialist at the…Read More

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Sponsorships for IMC Diploma in Nursing Students

7 January 2015 – The Executive Director of IMC Education Sdn Bhd, Christy Chiu Lai Heng, is pleased to announce…Read More

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IMU Medical Alumnus appointed as UM Adjunct Professor

6 August 2014 – An IMU Medical Alumnus, Prof HM Goh (right) was appointed an Adjunct Professor (Clinical Informatics) by the Faculty…Read More

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IMC Organised its first Midwifery Symposium

25 June 2014 – 225 participants from 59 healthcare organisations attended the Midwifery Symposium at Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya. These…Read More

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Nurses’ Day Celebrations for IMU and IMC Staff and Students

9 June 2014 – This year, IMU staff and students celebrated this year’s Nurses’ Day in two different occasions. The Nurses’…Read More

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IMU and IMC students promote Adolescent Health in Kuala Pilah

10 April 2014 – An IMU Cares Project “Promoting Adolescent Health” involving IMU and IMC students was held at SMK Dato Abdul Samad in Kuala Pilah. This project was…Read More

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