Cruising with a Nursing Profession

Aaisyah Chong Sok Yee (Ayer Keroh, Group 2/2006) began her nursing journey in 2006 under the sponsorship of Columbia Asia…Read More

Profile Photoimc5 October 2019

Finding Footing in Singapore

Distinction recipients of the Malaysian Nursing Board Registration Examination, Niam Xin Tian and Tan Bee Hwa (Subang Jaya, Group 1/2015)…Read More

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In Good Hands of a Dedicated Nurse

A dedicated and compassionate nurse, Dhivhya a/p Kandasamy Ragendran (Ayer Keroh, Group 2/2012) is currently working as a Registered Nurse…Read More

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IMC and CVSKL Signs MOU for Training and Education Development

8 June 2018 – The International Medical College (IMC), a private college with a long standing reputation in providing nursing…Read More

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CVSKL dan IMC Tandatangani MoU untuk Latihan Kejururawatan

The International Medical College (IMC), a private college with a long standing reputation in providing nursing education signed a Memorandum of Understanding…Read More

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ACG and IMC sign MoU for training of caregivers

5 May, 2015 – IMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) MoU with Aged Care Group (ACG) at its campus in Subang Jaya.…Read More

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