“Heart-Work” for Her Patients

Being someone who loves interacting with people, Ivy Ting Sing Yi (Subang Jaya, Group 1/2017) wanted to have a career…Read More

Profile Photoimc5 September 2020

Encouraging Own Son to Join Nursing (Video)

Here is a video of an alumni, Sharon Anthony (Ayer Keroh), currently working at Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh, on her…Read More

Profile Photoimc2 August 2020

For the Love of Patients

When Chan Pek Har (Subang Jaya, Group 2/2008) first enrolled for Nursing, she found it a challenge to study.Read More

Profile Photoimc4 January 2020

Alumni Networking High Tea

IMC successfully organised its first alumni networking event since the acquisition of the college in 2012 by IMU Health Sdn…Read More

Profile Photoimc23 November 2019

Handsome Payout for Offshore Medic Work

Aminuddin Bin Mohamed Johari (Ayer Keroh, Group 2/2004) started his Diploma in Nursing in 2004. After graduation he worked in…Read More

Profile Photoimc2 November 2019

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