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Being someone who loves interacting with people, Ivy Ting Sing Yi (Subang Jaya, Group 1/2017) wanted to have a career that was both interesting and challenging. The nursing profession allowed her to work with people from various backgrounds. It also keeps her on her feet which an office job would not offer. One of the reasons she decided to study nursing was because she believes that a nurse can make a difference in one’s life through compassionate care.  Ivy selected IMC because of the availability of partner hospitals’ sponsorship that guaranteed her employment upon graduation. Ivy is sponsored by Sunway Medical Centre to study in IMC.

During her studies, Ivy was able to gain a variety of knowledge and skills through private and government hospitals as students are exposed to clinical posting early on in their first semester. This has helped students gain some experience of working in hospital settings. Apart from that, IMC Lecturers and Clinical Instructors provided consistent support to students which allowed them to work independently during their clinical postings.

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IMC encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities through its students’ clubs. Having a good track record academically and getting along well with other students, Ivy was elected the President of Student Council during her final year of studies. She took on the task of organising IMC Nurses Day Celebration then and with the hard work and support from the committee members, lecturers and college staff, the event was a success.

Transitioning from a Student Nurse to a Staff Nurse requires further independence and responsibility. Ivy shares that one must be able to manage his/her time wisely and finish all tasks assigned according to deadlines. Clinical and critical thinking skills are important when making decisions that will affect a patient’s life.

As one who was often diligent, Ivy took time during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown to revise her textbooks and skills that she had learned during her studies. She also kept up-to-date with the happenings of the pandemic and therefore had little fear when she officially entered the workforce in May this year.

“Nursing is a career from the heart, treating a patient with good heart will give you satisfaction when the patient’s condition improves. Never be afraid to ask. It is better to ask than to make mistakes.” ~Ivy Ting

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