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For the Love of Patients

When Chan Pek Har (Subang Jaya, Group 2/2008) first enrolled for Nursing, she found it a challenge to study. Determined to not give up, she continued to work hard and passed her Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia Registration Examination afterwards. Pek Har went on to work with her sponsor, Hospital Pantai Ipoh and discovered it was easy to adapt to the new working environment due to the discipline instilled by her lecturers. Another factor that made it easier was her previous clinical posting at the ame hospital during her studies.

Pek Har started her career as a Staff Nurse. After 2 years of working experience, she had the opportunity to pursue her Post Basic in Orthopaedic Nursing. Upon completion, she was promoted to Senior Staff Nurse. She was later promoted as Clinical Instructor during her Degree studies with International Medical University.

As the hospital environment is very busy, she had to adapt as fast as she could. In addition to being responsible, there is also the need to have a sense of belonging to be able to take good care of patients.

Having love for patients and hands-on tasks are some of her reasons for staying in the frontline instead of administration. As a Clinical Instructor, it is 80% in clinical and 20% in management. Whenever the Nurse Manager is not around, the second person in line would be the Clinical Instructor to oversee the ward. Some of the responsibilities of a Clinical Instructor include doing morning rounds and bedside teaching with the staff nurses.

As a nurse, Pek Har also enjoys learning new diagnoses with doctor’s clinical notes whenever new patients are admitted. She sees them as quick learning and probes further to learn more when she can. In the profession, she also feels sad when her patients suffer from illnesses and diseases, and tries her best to lessen their pain by checking up and chatting with them when time permits.

“It will be hard at first when you start, however going through it stage-by-stage will be interesting.” ~Chan Pek Har

NEWS Chan Ita 2

Ita Sabri (Subang Jaya, Group 1/2009) joined Hospital Pantai Ipoh as a Registered Staff Nurse in 2012 after completing her Diploma in Nursing programme. She went on to study her Post Basic in Neuroscience and was offered the position of Senior Staff Nurse thereafter and is now holding the position of Acting Clinical Instructor in the same hospital.

Her journey into nursing was not an easy one as Ita had a hard time adapting during semester 1 of her Diploma studies. She is grateful the lecturers never gave up on her and continued to give moral support to boost her confidence. Her interest in nursing only began after she experienced her clinical posting. She often felt inspired and joyful taking care of her patients. Upon graduation, she felt easier adapting to the work environment as she had been previously posted for clinicals at Hospital Pantai Ipoh.

She believes this is a huge advantage as she is already familiar with the working environment and staff there.

“Enjoying the nursing profession may take some time. Patients rely on us to help them get better. You are in the position of Great power and don’t abuse that privilege. I am proud to be a nurse. To the junior nurses who are facing challenges, don’t give up. You can do it!” Ita Sabri

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