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IMC’s Diploma in Nursing programme strives for excellence in preparing our future nurses to be knowledgeable, competent, compassionate, and ethical professionals, prepared to provide leadership and scholarship in all areas or nursing practice. Throughout our programme we will help students develop and advance nursing knowledge.

Nursing is the integration of the knowledge and practice of human care. Nursing knowledge arises out of theory, scientific inquiry, and critical reflection. It is this synergistic effect that enables nurses to understand and significantly contribute to health and healing. Nurses employ theoretical, intuitive, moral, and ethical reasoning in their practice. The course involves a comprehensive and varied programme of study involving simulated practice and fieldwork, team learning, clinical skills development, and biological, behavioural, and nursing science. It is organised around the study of invididuals within the family and community, and emphasises the intergration of nursing theory with clinical practice to provide students with an opportunity for experiential learning.

Graduates of the Diploma in Nursing from IMC have the opportunity to work and gain valuable practical working experience overseas. These opportunities are made available by the IHH group of hospitals (Pantai/Gleneagles Group of Hospitals) in Malaysia and Singapore.

Parkway Pantai Hospitals in Singapore that offer the employment opportunities are to our graduates include :

Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Parkway Hospitals
Woodlands Hospital

Such an opportunity is made possible as employment mobility is integral to the IMC educational philosophy. Graduates who choose to work overseas will gain insight on the medical practices overseas, which is different from that in Malaysia. Having working experience in an overseas hospital is also an exciting way of setting you apart from the rest of the crowd when you start moving up the career ladder.

Those who have completed this Diploma in Nursing may pursue the Bachelor of Nursing Science offered by International Medical University (IMU) after three years of working experience. Find out more about the programme here.

Pass SPM or Equivalent with five (5) credits Mandatory credits in

      • – Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia
      • – Mathematics / Additional Mathematics


    • – Either one (1) of the credits below;
    • – General Science
    • – Biology
    • – Chemistry and Pass in Biology
    • – Physics and Pass in Biology
    • – Credit in two (2) other subjects
    • – Pass in English
    • – Program is Open to Male and Female candidates


    *subject to Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia’s terms and conditions


Total fees for three years is RM59,400.00, which includes registration fee, tuition fees,
accommodation, uniforms, and transport for clinical posting every semester.


      • Health Science I – Anatomy & Physiology
      • Microbiology and Parasitology
      • Professional adjustment; Medico-Legal Aspects: Communication & Public Relationship
      • Fundamentals of Nursing
      • English for Nurses
      • Clinical Practice I


      • Anatomy and Physiology II
      • Pharmacology & Nutrition
      • Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing; Inflammation and Infection, Fluids and Electrolytes balance; Perioperative Nursing
      • Psychology and Sociology
      • Islamic Studies / Moral Studies
      • Clinical Practice II
      • Care of Patients with Altered Gastrointestinal System
      • Care of Patients with Altered CVS & Respiratory Systems
      • Care of Patients with Altered Hemopoietic system; Altered Immune Systems
      • Malaysian Studies
      • Clinical Practice III
      • Care of Patients with Altered Endocrine & Musculoskeletal Systems; Mammary glands
      • Care of Patients with Altered Reproductive and Genitourinary Systems
      • Care of Patients with Altered Integumentary, Communicable Diseases
      • Maternal and Infant Nursing
      • Clinical Practice IV
      • Community Health Nursing
      • Care of Patients with Altered Nervous System; ENT & Eye
      • Mental Health Nursing; Gerontology
      • Excellence in Work Culture, Corporate Culture & Entrepreneurship
      • Clinical Practice V
      • Principles of Management; Research & Statistics
      • Emergency and Disaster Management; Critical Care Nursing
      • Clinical Practice VI


Diploma in Nursing

Total Duration
3 Years

(April & September)

(January & July)

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