Cruising with a Nursing Profession

Aaisyah Chong Sok Yee (Ayer Keroh, Group 2/2006) began her nursing journey in 2006 under the sponsorship of Columbia Asia Hospital. After finishing her 3 years of nursing education, she went on to work as a staff nurse and further pursued her education to obtain her Post Basic Certificate in Critical Care Nursing.

Itching to gain some overseas experience, she then went on to work in Saudi Arabia for 2 years and in 2016 was recommended for a vacancy in a cruise ship. Cruise Ship Staff are required to possess a Post Basic in Critical Care Nursing as they are the first responders in emergency situations. With Aaisyah’s qualification and experience, she was offered the position of Nurse Officer with a monthly salary of about USD5,000 (approximately RM20,500).

Aaisyah enjoys working as a Nurse Officer for a Cruise Ship as she is able to travel all over the world and help lessen the financial burden on her family.

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We hope you are well in the seas and making your family proud.

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