Obstetric Skills Workshop

30 November 2019 7:30 am - 5:00 pm IMC Subang Jaya

Course Description

This one-day obstetric skills workshop is designed to give the participants evidence-based updated knowledge and opportunities to have hands-on practices in nine simulation stations: cardiotocography (CTG); spontaneous vaginal delivery; assisted breech vaginal delivery; shoulder dystocia; postpartum haemorrhage; umbilical cord prolapse; uterine inversion and eclampsia.

The aim of this workshop is to intensify your competency in obstetric skills and to enhance teamwork with effective communication skills, hence to provide quality care in the management of obstetric emergencies.


7.30am Registration
8.00am Welcome Address and Introduction
8.30am Lecture 1 : Cardiotocography
Lecture 2 : Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
9.00am Workshop 1:
• Cardiotocography I
• Cardiotocography II
• Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
10.30am Coffee Break
10.45am Lecture 3 : Assisted Vaginal Breech Delivery
Lecture 4 : Uterine Inversion
Lecture 5 : Shoulder Dystocia
11.30am Workshop 2:
• Assisted Vaginal Breech Delivery
• Uterine Inversion
• Shoulder Dystocia
1.00pm Lunch Break
2.00pm Lecture 6 : Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy (Eclampsia)
Lecture 7 : Post-Partum Haemorrhage
Lecture 8 : Cord Prolapse
2.45pm Workshop 3:
• Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy (Eclampsia)
• Post-Partum Haemorrhage
• Cord Prolapse
4.15pm Post-Workshop Evaluation, Feedback, Q&A
4.45pm Photography Session
5.00pm End

Who Should Attend

  • Nursing lecturer
  • Matrons
  • Nurse manager
  • Staff Midwives / Staff Nurses
  • Clinical Instructors
  • Medical Students
  • Postgraduate Midwifery Students
  • Primary Health Care Personnel

Trainers’ Profile

Dr Malar Kandasamy
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist,
HTAR, Klang
MOG (UM) MBBS (KMC, Manipal)

Dr Alvin Isaac Sukumar
MD (Ukraine)
O&G Trainee

Dr Subashini Selvaratnam
MD (Manipal)
O&G Trainee

10 September 2019

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